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The sidewalk is also a good place for soldiers to march

One copy of the newspaper is enough for the entire university

University washroom for both men's and women's lavatory

Low-end university toilet - bring your own paper

Unlike the university, where you can get a BIG meal for 50 cents, McDonald's has prices similar to those of the U.S.

McDonald's is upscale, with workers who are fully bi-lingual

McDonald's hamburger with no pickle, but generous cucumber

Don't sleep on the bus stop bench

At the Bund (waterfront to the river and its numerous ships) is Colonial architecture of the big European banks. On the other side, is modern skyscrapers.Some skyscrapers have 40-story television-like displays. This one says "Make Merry, Make Free!", offering capitalist Christmas in place of political opposition

In a culture more likely to eat a dog than have dog surgery and dog anti-obesity medicine, the blind need some way to navigate without seeing-eye dogs. How about bumpy braille streets to read with the feet that indicate the path to follow and when intersections occur?

A finally thought: two weeks in Asia, my fourth trip, for a total of 6 weeks. Not once have I seen any person with the kind of obesity that functionally impairs a person, prevents a person from being able to move about at a normal pace, which is so prevalent in the United States. Why is Asia so resistant to obesity?

Perhaps the answer is posted at the Donhu Hotel swimming pool

Rule 3: "Drunks and overeaters are forbidden to enter the pool." In the U.S., this would be Weight Discrimination and lawyers would argue it is unconstitutional. Freedom for the U.S. is freedom for the individual to pursue his or her individual happiness, to pursue property, to accumulate, to gain, even if the gain is unhealthy weight. Gaining weight is the ugly side of capitalistic growth. It is linearity become its opposite, a circularity that is unnatural. From the Chinese point of view, an overeater is in the same category as the drunk: someone who fails to conduct his body in a socially wholesome way, someone who consumes too  much, who has lost the balance of the collectivist circle in which one produces for society and takes only what one needs from society. (Also, in the U.S. we say "help yourself" to urge someone to take food. How could self-help ever been excessive?)


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