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French balcony in the French concession. This is a junior high school.

In 1930, Shanghai was the world's fifth largest city, rife with European architecture, international finance, shipping, manufacturing, and jazz. San Francisco today has a jazz club called Shanghai 1930, which is the only restaurant whose name includes a year:

Three levels of Chinese society: car owner at the top, beggar at the bottom (desperate beggars follow a Caucasian multiple blocks), and bicycle rider in the middle

The economy is booming, and construction is apace everywhere, in part thanks to the prevalence of bamboo

For a modern lifestyle, try local crab, shrink-wrapped in the grocery store

The biggest domestic brand of underwear is Three Gun. Perhaps it protects you from the cold?

But if want to get fancy, try some Vatican style leather jackets (as yet unblessed by the Pope)

Post-modern architecture

Homeland security Shanghai style: the trash bins say "Environmental protection" and "Love our homeland"

A Volkswagen taxi. Volkwagen (German) and Hyundai (South Korean) have strong presence in the auto market. U.S. cars are rare. The most popular Volkwagen is the Passat, here called the "Santana", which might sound took satanical for the U.S. market.


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