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The French concession even has a Cancan bar

In the north end, we found the Community Church (Protestant). It has no external notice of when it is open or when services occur.

Looks completely closed, but for a Western face, the two people inside open the little door to reveal an ivy covered building from yesteryear.

There were no overt signs of Christian doctrine, but Christmas is kosher, so to speak, because it is the holiday of economic activity.

Reindeer, just like the lawn of most million dollar homes in suburban Danville (but hardly typical of the U.S. church)

Showing the way to the Christian toilet

At the University we met a Chinese guy who spoke pretty good English. He knew about the Christmas, the Winter Festival, which is similar to China's Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). He had no awareness of Christianity. Because we said that Sarah was from Korea, he assumed she was from North Korea.

If there is no post to lock your motorcycle onto, try putting three locks on it

Bicycles are good for hauling

Tricycles are the trucks of the working class

Three people can have a big breakfast of pork dumplings, soup, and soy milk for less than two dollars total.

At a more upscale restaurant, try baked turtle (the whole animal on a plate), or some turtle soup (tastes like chicken soup), or yummy two fish-heads for dinner on a yin-yang mandala plate!


Almost looks like the South Korean flag


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