Manic  LogoMania! Luckily, the guarantee of Free Speech permits fair use for parody, otherwise no word would remain in the public domain. Virtually every word and phrase in the language belongs to non-human entities who are not speakers of the language:

Some s, at on , whether it's or , I get tired of being as if I were on the , but I sure don't want to ride the , so I put on my to become .

I pick a ,and I  like a until I come to a

because a shines as bright as the .

Could this be an indicating the to ment?

The AFE WAY to be with the of the ?

I want to climb , every stream, even a !

I feel like an , able to every with bouncy going to me out of the !

I feel like I did way back in 19, when sy and I would though for a while, then outside screaming and start .