I wonder if there are butterflies in the Golf Course Park next to the Bay.
Butterflies stay near water, so it is worth a look.
The eucalyptus grove offers shelter and flowers with nectar.
Two butterflies on the meadow.
Next to the thumb is a black dot on the wing: this indicates a male.  Some males mate with other males. This might be an innocent mistake  because their eyes cannot see that  black dot.
It seems that the male is located below the female, and they are facing opposite directions.
Perhaps they have  invented a new way to mate.
Perhaps they have been in the Bay Area too long (from October through January).
Next week, if the female's eggs are fertilized, she will migrate to a better climate near Santa Barbara,
find some milkweed, lays some eggs, and die well before the caterpillars hatch. ("cater-pillar" is Latin for "cat that is hairy").
The early Dutch name for butterfly probably refers to the color of its excrement: boterschijte means "butter shit".