I'm a pacifist.
I will fight no war
to protect no nation.
A nation is a fiction,
a lie that the military and the government uses
to protect their jobs 
and justify their existence.

I won't kill even an insect
and I feel pain for every soldier
trapped in the killer box
or the sinking submarine
(in the 18th century, the soldiers on the front line had to charge 
because if they didn't
their own commanding officers would shoot them in the back.)


I'm not lean
but I lean toward vegetarianism.
We should be past the stage of unnecessary killing by now
and we know animals feel pain.
No excuse.
Growing meat is inefficient. It starves poor people by
depriving them of land to grow grain for human consumption.
It kills the rich by stuffing them with cholesterol, and making
cardiac disease the number one killer.
Ronald McDonald: stop playing with kids! 
Behind your clown face, you are their executioner!

I believe that wealth is having the time to cultivate wisdom
to learn music, language, history, science
to share that growth with other human beings

I seek alternatives to the automobile, to rush hour grid lock,
to freeway massacres, to aggressive driving and reckless
endangerment of people.
Among the alternatives are working at home/telecommuting, 
riding a bicycle, and 
using public transportation.
BART, the dominate transit authority for the Bay Area,
is critical for maintaining an economy of folly
in which people work dozens of miles from where they live. 
I suspect, however, that BART 
is not giving the public the full value 
of the one million dollars in cash revenue it acquires daily.

BART, like Pacific Bell, is large and powerful enough
to somehow regulate the officials that supposedly
regulate it.
If that's the name of the game, at least
don't charge me extra taxes to pay the salaries
of regulators who are already "bought".
I don't mind paying taxes for good government,
but remember,
this nation was founded on the principle
of no taxation without representation.

This section was supposed to be about me,
but you see me complaining about
BART and PacBell cheating the public.
One thing about me: I do believe in people
standing up for their rights,
being straightforward,
and saying what they think.

Let me know what you are about:
my email is talbert@WORDesign.com